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Welcome to my Home Financing Hub! On this page I’ve shared some great resources from RateGravity to provide education and services to my clients and friends. RateGravity are home financing experts who work with a network of local Massachusetts lenders to offer you multiple options when you shop for financing for your new home.

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Get pre-approved instantly with a letter endorsed by vetted local lenders.

Local Lender

RateGravity will shop a network of local lenders while charging ¼ the typical salesperson commission.

Home Financing Consultation

Talk to unbiased experts with 10+ years of experience.

How much can
I afford

Thinking about buying a house, but not sure how much you can afford? This article will tell you what you need to know.

video: the loan
approval process

Patrick Boyaggi on the key things you need to know about the mortgage loan approval process.

Why consider
an arm

This article explains the benefits of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and provide information that many homebuyers are unaware of.

About RateGravity

RateGravity is an on-demand mortgage service with personal mortgage experts, a network of certified local lenders, and access to discounted rates. They are committed to securing you the best loan available. Since launching in 2016, RateGravity has worked with hundreds of customers and saved them an average of $30,000 over the life of their loan.


How is RateGravity different from other mortgage brokers?
RateGravity uses modern technology to collect your information and explains why they are asking for each piece of information. They shop your mortgage to a network of local lenders bypassing expensive salespeople, thereby offering you consistently lower rates than the typical mortgage broker.
How does RateGravity make money?
RateGravity is paid a fee by lenders in their network equal to .25% of your loan amount. Because this fee is a fraction of the typical commission paid to a mortgage salesperson, you get a lower rate. I encourage you to shop around with other lenders and see for yourself where you can find the lowest rates. 
Will RateGravity service my loan?
No. RateGravity is a technology and service that will help you locate the right lender for your specific needs. When they have found the right lender at a low rate, they remain your advocate throughout the loan process. Ultimately, the lender will be the one servicing your loan.  
Do you have a formal relationship with RateGravity?
No. RateGravity is an unaffiliated mortgage service.  We urge all of our customers to evaluate multiple options when trying to find the best mortgage for their situation.